Genba Kanri Copyright Notice

 The term Genba Kanri  is the romanised translation of the Japanese term meaning:

Genba: the real place ( gen : real ; ba , from bamen : place , scene , situation ; i.e. the actual spot ; the precise location ). In a manufacturing company, the place where the value is added . Certain grammatical rules dictate that this may sometimes be translated alternatively as gemba .            Kanri: administration ; control ; management 

                      It is usually translated into English as Workshop Management .


 There can be no copyright or limitations on the use of the term, but we believe it important that the term is not applied in any restricted or distorted way in order to avoid bastardising the meaning, understanding and application of the approach. 


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 Use of material

 We believe it important that people have the opportunity to learn about the principles, concepts and practices associated with genba kanri. This will lead to:

        a more satisfying, professional, and better managed work environment for those at the coal face 

        a more certain commercial environment for those in business designing and selling products that the market wants

        better quality, cost and delivery of products for consumers everywhere

 We are therefore happy that these materials, be used by those in manufacturing in whatever way they can to assist them in improving their working practices.

 The use of these materials for scholarship and research of a non-commercial nature is also welcomed. At the same time, the authors retain full copyright over the contents of these pages, and ask that the source be recognised.

 The use of these materials for commercial gain by non-manufacturing businesses (e.g. providers of consultancy services, or for publication) is flattering, but not permissible. If such use is desired please contact the author.

 Any unauthorised commercial use will attract damages which reflect the value of the know-how contained therein, and the time and expense incurred in publication.


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