Genba Kanri: an Overview
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What is it all about? Usually translated as 'Workshop Management' The system by which standards for running the day-to-day business are established, maintained, controlled and improved.
What are the benefits?  Improved quality, reduced costs, lower inventory and lead times,   - in short, the application of best practice to improve your competitiveness.
Genba Kanri Principles GK integrates and aligns the many approaches used in shop-floor management.  Through the establishment of common values, all become committed and empowered to implement change.
Genba Kanri Systems The inter-relationships of the various tools and techniques for effective management of people, products, processes in order to achieve Quality, Cost and Delivery requirements.
TQM Approach People-focus. Education in tools and techniques for defining, measuring and controlling what is required; developing the competencies to achieve 'first time quality' more effectively.
JIT Approach Flow-focus. Draining waste and obstacles from the system in order to provide what is wanted, when it is wanted - no more; no less.
TPM Approach Facility-focus. Starting with the working environment and moving on to  tools and equipment, ensuring that all are attuned to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Who are we?

Real-World practitioners of GK. Since pioneering this approach in the UK in the mid-'80s we have been successfully applying this approach in manufacturing companies in the UK, EU and USA.



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