Genba Kanri Consultants

We are a consortium of independent consultancies who have worked for and with companies applying world class manufacturing techniques.
Founder members learned - at first hand - the practices used in the heavy Engineering and Automotive industries in Japan, and applied them for themselves in the UK in the 1980s. Fifteen years ago we started to work with automotive suppliers in Europe. Initial requests were to work with client company personnel on kaizen of their existing operations, to achieve rapid improvements in Quality, Cost and Delivery.


Our approach includes not only assisting in the implementation of tools and techniques, but helping clients to understand that a different way of 'doing' has to be accompanied by a different way of thinking: we have to challenge our concepts as well as our actions! 


We have since expanded our activities in breadth and depth, now providing support in areas of manufacturing strategy and service function improvement, and have worked with a variety of manufacturing and service companies. CLIENTS

We recognise that there are a plethora of tools, techniques, buzzwords and approaches around, and that - despite ever-increasing pressures in the market place - people can weary of new initiatives. Genba Kanri consolidates and builds on existing strengths to develop an integrated approach to managing the value-adding process.

Over the years we have developed expertise in twenty main areas which reflect the health of a manufacturing business. They are grouped under the headings of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Environment, Organisation and People. We have a system for diagnosing the prevailing conditions, and programmes for making improvement in all areas. These are not theoretical or academic approaches, but tried and tested practical means of making a difference up to the point where the client achieves sufficient momentum for self-sufficiency. We do not seek to create dependency in clients, and recognise that some require very discrete and rapid solutions to particular problems.

We network with others where specialist expertise is required. Our links to the JMA (Japan Management Association - umbrella organisation for such prestigious bodies as JIPM, JIPC, JAMC etc.) ensure that we stay abreast of cutting-edge approaches, whilst tailoring solutions to suit clients' own circumstances. 

A much simplified summary of the approach in genba: 


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