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GK IN BRIEF An overview: lists some of the main aspects of Genba Kanri with links to a quick page of explanation of each.
GK DETAIL More detailed explanations of the main aspects of GK, each illustrated by appropriate Case Studies.
ABOUT US Our approach and experience: GK is not theory, but practice.   Backgrounds; approach; clients.
GK TRAINING We're not just talking education here, but practical activity to enable people to 'make a difference'. 
CONTACT How to contact us for further information. We'll tell you what GK can do for your company!
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CIP, GK, JIT, kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, SMED, TPM, TQC, World Class, 5C..!!!    What on earth is it all about? 

Welcome to our 'embassy in the world of virtual reality' where we make sense of it all. 

The information on this site is primarily aimed at manufacturing people - but is relevant for any enterprise engaged in adding value and wealth creation.

 Here are some of the main approaches we use with companies in the real world - companies who recognise that in the current economic climate survival is not compulsory

These pages are brought to you by UK-based GK practitioners.                 Content  is copyright!